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  • What is Bigo?
    Bigo Live is a free app that allows users to live-stream videos, chat with people, and watch live streams. The app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Users can share their talents, hobbies, and daily activities through live video broadcasts. It's a platform where people can connect, watch live videos, and engage with streamers from around the world and get paid for it if they join an agency!
  • What is a Bigo Agency?
    A Bigo Agency is a company that helps Bigo Live broadcasters manage their careers and achieve success on the platform. They provide guidance and support to content creators, helping them grow their audience, secure collaborations and sponsorships, and manage their brand. Essentially, a Bigo Agency acts as a talent management agency for Bigo Live streamers. In addition to providing support and guidance to Bigo Live broadcasters, Bigo Agencies also facilitate the financial aspects of the partnership between the broadcasters and the Bigo Live platform. This includes managing and facilitating payments between Bigo and the broadcasters. The agency acts as an intermediary to ensure that broadcasters receive their earnings and help streamline the financial processes involved in monetizing their content on the platform.
  • What is a Bigo Family?
    In Bigo Live, users have the option to join or create a "family" within the app. A family can be formed around a specific interest, topic, or group of friends. Members of a Bigo family can support each other, collaborate on content, and interact with each other's broadcasts. Joining a Bigo family can provide users with a dedicated community where they can find support, encouragement, and engagement. It helps foster a sense of camaraderie and allows users to connect with people who share similar interests on the platform.
  • What is the difference between a Bigo Family and a Bigo Agency?
    In short, Bigo Agencies are professional management organizations, while Bigo Families are informal user communities within the app.
  • What is a Bigo host?
    Bigo Hosts are individuals who livestream on Bigo Live, and they earn money through virtual gifts given by viewers during their broadcasts. A Bigo Host that is signed to an agency can earn additional payments on top of any virtual gifts they receive.
  • Is High Court Royals on social media?
    Yes, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • What region do you serve?
    Currently, High Court Royals is only serving the US and Canada territory.
  • Who/What is High Court Royals?
    High Court Royals is a Bigo Agency and a Bigo Family under the same name. If you would like to know more about our founders, see our About Us section.
  • How much can I get paid?
    The amount of money that Bigo Hosts can make on the platform can vary widely and depends on several factors. The primary source of income for Bigo Hosts comes from virtual gifts received from viewers during their live broadcasts. The earnings of Bigo Hosts are influenced by factors such as: Audience Size Content Quality and Engagement Viewer Interaction Time and Frequency of Broadcasting Top earners can earn up to $32,000 USD or $42,216 CAD per month on top of any virtual gifts earned. Check out our Pay Chart to see how much you can earn.
  • Why sign with an agency?
    Signing up with a Bigo Agency is optional for Bigo Hosts, and not all hosts choose to do so. However, pay bonuses and Bigo Events are only available to hosts signed with an agency. Below are a few more reasons why a Bigo Host may consider partnering with a Bigo Agency: Career Management: Bigo Agencies have expertise in managing and promoting talent. By partnering with an agency, Bigo Hosts can receive professional guidance and support to enhance their presence on the platform, grow their audience, and explore potential career opportunities. Branding and Marketing: Bigo Agencies can assist hosts in building a strong personal brand and developing effective marketing strategies. They can help hosts identify their unique selling points, optimize their content, and create a consistent and engaging online presence. Monetization Support: Bigo Agencies can provide guidance on monetizing a host's content. Additionally, they can help hosts understand different revenue streams, negotiate sponsorships and collaborations, and maximize their earnings on the platform. Networking and Collaborations: Bigo Agencies often have established connections and partnerships within the industry. By joining an agency, hosts can gain access to networking opportunities and collaborations with other influencers or brands, which can help expand their reach and enhance their content. Host Incentives: A lot of Bigo Agencies have host incentives for their hosts. It's important to note that while partnering with a Bigo Agency can offer benefits, hosts can also manage their careers independently and achieve success on Bigo Live without agency representation. Ultimately, the decision to sign up with an agency depends on the individual host's goals, preferences, and the level of support they seek.
  • How do I sign up with your Bigo Agency?
    Ready to be a host? It's easy! Just visit our Audition page.
  • How frequently are payments made to Bigo Hosts, and how do they get paid?
    Payments to Bigo Hosts are made in the form of Bigo beans on the 5th of every month. However, Bigo Hosts have the flexibility to withdraw their Bigo beans into cash at any time. The minimum amount required for cashing out is 6,700 Bigo beans, which is equivalent to approximately $32.
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